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Prices are determined by a host of factors that form the expectations of market participants. Bullish and bearish sentiments play an important role in forming those expectations. Our objective is to measure market sentiment by the examination of what is being written about a particular market. We do that by using high-frequency data, advanced text mining techniques, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Our ongoing sentiment research focuses on the gold market and the sentiment that surrounds it. The "temperature" of the gold market is available in the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Report.


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The Hanke - Cofnas Gold Sentiment Dial

The Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Dial provides a unique measure of Hourly Gold Sentiment. The Gold Sentiment Score represented in the Dial is generated by hourly text-mining of key words surfacing on the internet reflecting expectations on gold. Positive dial scores represent a bullish momentum, and negative scores represent a bearish momentum at that hour. However, when scores become extended into extreme ranges below -10 and above +10, they indicate a coming reversal in gold prices.

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Due to increased global interest in the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score, we are now on the cloud and can provide enhanced alerts and analytics. 

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Our Extreme Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score alerts provide a high-probable reversal indicator for the price of GOld. When the Hanke-Cofnas

Gold Sentiment Score reaches extreme levels such as +8 and  - 8  ans beyond you will be alerted!

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Receive our Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score alerts 6X a day to your email, and soon throughout the day through our APP pushed to your phone.  You will receive our unique hourly Gold Sentiment Scores,at the opening of the Australian, London, Dubai, New York trading sessions and the close of the New York session. These alerts keep you aware of shifts in gold sentiment conditions.


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This Guide, provides key insights into how to apply the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Score to trading Gold. Included are different trading scenarios, and how to use the Sentiment scores to confirm your strategies and tactics. Owners of this guide will receive free updates as the Guide expands!

Automatic Trading

We are continuing development of Automatic Trading for Spot Gold on MT4 platforms, as well as Futures platforms on Tradeovate, and NinjaTrader platforms, We are back-testing Algo Trading results, as well as forward testing in live trading accounts. For traders interested in obtaining Automatic Trading for their accounts, please let us know by filling out the form below.


Gold Trading Courses

This course is a world first. It provides unique Gold Sentiment Alerts generated by the Hanke-Cofnas Gold Sentiment Scores. Traders interested in intra-day and intra-week trading of gold will want this course. Included in the course are gold sentiment trading alerts generated by an algo provided by the Gold Sentiment Report.

Coaching sessions are scheduled on a customized basis. Traders will need to have a real MT4 account to qualify for this course.
The price will be 1500 USD / 3 months.

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